Shared Thoughts DevOps Enterprise Summit #DOES14 21-22-23 October 2014 San Francisco

3 days and counting down to a "License to kill your darlings", my Dutch Pilotage talk at #DOES14 is set on October 22nd. Very excited to be at this awesome conference and to get invited by Gene Kim for a typical Dutch DevOps journey. There still is some time to burn, so let’s start with dropping by at the San Francisco Bar Pilots on Monday to get some US pilotage business context. Overwhelmed by their warm welcome and passion for the Bay area. This week is going to be very special. read more >

Identity Management for dummies by @Seccubus

Continous Integration by Mark Reijn

Devops op maandagmorgen

Hello SDN by Hugo Trippaers

Hugo Trippaers talks in this video about the bare essentials of Software Defined Networking (SDN). Almost everybody has a different definition of SDN. It's a concept that makes networking much easier.
SDN was created to deal with a praticular part of problems. I will first tell you somewhat about the history and will show via two labs how to practically use this. read more >

psCloudstack Managing Cloudstack Made Easy

...made easy when working in a Windows environment For managing Cloudstack several methods exist like the Cloudstack web client and the Cloudstack cloudmonkey CLI. A new player in this arena is psCloudstack, a Windows Powershell based counterpart of cloudmonkey, which dynamically creates the api functions you are entitled to. What makes psCloudstack different from other tools? The major difference with other CLI based tools is: it is dynamic. psCloudstack uses the... read more >

How to setup RPKI route validation in JUNOS

Resource Certification (RPKI)

The Resource Certification (RPKI) system allows Local Internet Registries (LIRs) to request a digital certificate listing the Internet number resources they hold. It offers validatable proof of holdership of a resource's registration by a Regional Internet Registry (RIR).

BGP Origin Validation

Origin validation helps to prevent the unintentional advertisement of routes. read more >