Live blog Blogging live from Hack in the Box Amsterdam

Today I will be blogging live from the “Beurs van Berlage” covering the 2015 edition of Hack in the Box (hashtag #HitB2015Ams). Please watch this space as I will attempt to put the blog post up shortly after, or even before the speaker leaves the stage. read more >

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State of the Cloud

Lots of people ask us, "What is your philosophy on cloud?", "How is it running in production?", "Do you see a future for public cloud?". Those questions made me wonder. What is the reason behind the questions? Are people still wondering if CloudStack works? Well, the answer to that question is short. CloudStack rocks! and it is treating us well. In this short blog post I will dive into what we are busy with from a cloud perspective. Believe me, it is still a fun ride. read more >

Reporting from QCon day 3

Yoni Goldberg encourages us to build services
The last day of a conference is always the hardest one to speak at, since typically a lot of the attendees will have a few days of evening activities behind them. QCon is no different, the Friday keynote looks definitely a bit less busy and I'm not the only that's just a little groggy. What we really really need now is an imaginative and inventive keynote to get the blood pumping! Unfortunately, Netflix' Roy Rapoport is not talking to us about the great amazing... read more >

Reporting from QCon day 2

Larry Maccherone talking about agile metrics
QCon day two kicks off with a keynote about cluster management at google, by John Wilkes. John is an experienced speaker and the material is rather good (google is king when it comes to their brand of cluster management!). Unfortunately, I've read most of the papers that his talk summarizes so the main thing I learn is that the cluster management software they use is internally referred to as Borg. John also spends some time talking about kubernetes. He doesn't mean... read more >