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CloudStack European User Group
  I started this meetup after agreeing with the Cloudstack Amsterdam organiser that I would take care of the next meetup when we met in Purmerend last year. We were in Purmerend  with Wido and some of his colleagues and some schuberg Philis guys as well. It had been busy with other conferences since so I had to postpone till now.

  The theme and consequently the program was based on the idea I had looking around at the speakers I envisioned. The speakers Anoosh, Johannes and Fred where all having different take on supplying appliances with ACS (Apache CloudStack) in some way. Next I invited Remi, from Schuberg Philis and Lennert from PDExtreme to talk about their respective private and public clouds.

  Before I continue with my self-aggrandizement, I must say that organizing an event at Schuberg Philis is really hardly work. You ask for one and magically things get done on all fronts: Catering, AV, Budgetering etc. are there for you to use.

  The talks were recorded and will be editted next week. I will publish the results here. There was one change as Johannes let his spot to Linsey and converted his talk to a workshop. So in the end we had 5 talks a handson workshop and two discussion sessions.

  The discussion sessions were hosted by me and will probably be video editted as well but as I hosted them I will give a short description here. Both discussions were organised by statements I made on the subject. I asked for input from the meetup group members just before the event and got two replies. These didn't quite fit so I gave the submitters a bit of private time in the group.

  As for the discussions, the first one had the theme 'What markets is CloudStack for?'.  The statements were:
  • Apache CloudStack is for nerds and freaks
  • Apache CloudStack is not for home use
  • Apache CloudStack can be used in the smallest of environments
  • Apache CloudStack has no ceiling to its usage. or has it?
    • 10000 VMs?
    • 1000 hypervisors?
    • 100 zones?
    • 10 snapshot/minute

   The first three gave mostly 'happy discussions', meaning no arguments and all agreements. The forth brought up some real researching intercourse. The conclusion to it was that no one had really seen bounderies within the given parameters that couldn't be broken by good systems management.

  The second discussion was about the bounderies of CloudStacks responsibilities; 'What tasks should a cloud orchestration platform perform?'. The statements used were:
  • What storage features should ACS provide?
  • network design are not interactive/automated enough
  • tools like terraform/cloudify etc should take care of orchestration of application landscape (NO NO NO ACS should)

   The first statement provoced some a feature request by two people indifferent wordings. The first asked for 'parallel NFS'. the second for shared volumes. I asked for them to edit the road map at the wiki.

  The second statement brought up proponents for both sides of it. People wanted networks to more configurable and more automatically created without interaction :XS

  On the last one everybody but me agreed after more discussion that was needed in the end. I have to find new ways to get my point across I am afraid. The mistake I probably made was to put the word 'application' in the statement. Nobody feels like giving whole landscape definitions into CloudStack.

  I have some ideas for a next meetup which will be either QA or development focussed. The positive vibrations just command more.


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