CCCEU from a distance

Schuberg Philis has quite the presence at the cloudstack collaboration conference this week! It's rather quiet at the office this week. You see, my team does a lot of work with and for apache cloudstack, and this is the week of the CloudStack Collaboration Conference Europe (#ccceu14), where a lot of my colleagues are attending and/or presenting:

We made a clear decision here to not just send our software developers, but also some of the people who build and operate our mission critical cloud, and some of the people that manage the customer applications running on that cloud environment. We find internally that it is vital to have close collaboration between those groups, and I'm confident the same dynamics will work quite well at the conference in beautiful Budapest.

The nature of our business leads to a relentless focus on robustness and quality in everything we do, more so than in environments where not everything is as mission critical. It's great to see that we can share that perspective with the open source community, helping to raise the quality bar for cloud computing.

It's a wonderful paradox of software development that to make such cool changes reality, you have to do what some may call 'boring' as my colleagues wrap up the conference, and hopefully find a few beers to enjoy Budapest, it's back to some more redundant router test case failure debugging for me!


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