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By Rob Gongrijp

Gob starts to state that the computer security field is a funny field. Why is it the case that products are government projects are released with security flaw? It is because companies gamble on security. This is a cheap gamble: if they win they get the profits, if they loose sociaty pays the price.

Why is there a believe that law enforcement must see everything. Why are we more secure if we can push the rewind button and look at it again? We are not. We cannot add the security that has not built in in the first place. Pressing the rewind button is as cheap cheap as it ever was.

If cybercrime goes op by a factor of 10, can it be stopped by surveillance? No, in the end we will need the computer security that we are lacking now.

As are lives are starting to take place in the cloud, we are more and more susceptible to intelligence gathering. If you are living in Europe you are uploading your data to a power block you do not belong to.

increasingly the parties that buy 0-day exploits are not longer criminals from Easter Europe, but nation states and intelligence agencies. It was strange the all of a sudden their were 4 undisclosed vulnerabilities in windows that were used by Stuxnet. This points to CyberWar. An the victims of cyberwar are the citizens of technology countries?

How can we as security professionals make the world a better place. Selling security problems to nation states is not responsible disclosure.

About Rob Gongrijp

Robbert (Rop) Valentijn Gonggrijp (born 14 February 1968 in Amsterdam) is a Dutch hacker and one of the founders of XS4ALL. See more on Wikipedia


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