HitB2010Ams - Hack in the Box, the different conference

By Frank Breedijk - During Hack in the Box Amsterdam I had the opportunity to sit down with its founder and CEO Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran. I asked him about the Hack in the Box organisation, the conferences and why it was located in Amsterdam.

Q: What is Hack in the Box?

A: There is not simple answer to that, but let me give it a try. There are two parts to the Hack in the Box: the websites and the conferences. But mostly HitB is a group of people bundled in a not-for-profit organisation.

Q: What is the difference between the HitB conferences and other conferences like Black Hat, DefCon, BruCon, Source, etc?

A: Hack in the Box is really a different conference. It is different from Black Hat because Black Hat is a commercial organisation and we are not. Black Hat conferences are too expensive. In a sense we are more like DefCon, but we are different as well. Hack in the Box tries to bridge the gap between three groups. The underground, the security professional and law enforcement. We want to create an environment that promotes open discussion between all these groups.

Q: Is Hack in the Box a Security conference or a Hacker conferences?

A: We are a mix of both, this is what we try to be.

Q: Why did you pick Amsterdam for this conference?

A: Because I love Amsterdam. Besides that I have relatives in The Netherlands, and being familiar with Amsterdam and the Netherlands really helps when you want to set up a conference.

Q: The conference is at its 3/4 mark right now, how do you feel it is going?

A: I’m really happy with the conference, there will be another HitB in Amsterdam for sure. We did not quite make the 500 attendees we would have liked, but with over 200 people we did not fail. We will be planning the conference a little bit earlier in the year, say the mid May timeframe

Q: If you’d have to name one reason to attend a hack in the Box conference what would it be?

A: It’s a different conference.


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