Confidence 2009.02 – The Tor Project – Jacob Appelbaum

The Tor project is a non-profit organization that has a full documented network that provides anonymity and privacy by design and is fully documented. Tor is funded by both the US DoD, EFF, Voice of America, Human Rights Watch, Google, NLnet, and you? Tor is really a community of developers and volunteers and is still looking for developers and volunteers to enhance themselves.

Top countries in the world in bandwidth:
•    Germany
•    USA
•    Netherlands
•    France

Sweden Anonymity means different things to different people:
•    Private citizens – Privacy
•    Government – Traffic analysis resistance
•    Human rights activists – Reachability
•    Businesses – Network Security

Tor gives three anonymity properties by design, nto by policy:
1)    A local network can learn of influence your destination
2)    No single router can link you to your destination
3)    The destination or somebody watching it cannot learn you location Tor is constantly being attacked, not by attacking the code, but by:

•    Blocking the directory authorities
•    Blocking relay IP addresses in the directory
•    Filtering based on Tor’s fingerprint
•    By preventing users from finding the tor software

Outers/IPS-es could filter on Tor’s signature in the past, but it now looks like Firefox talking to Apache. When the Tor download website was blocked, the Tor project test up a download tor by email service. When the Peoples Republic of China turned 60 years, the censorship stepped up in preparation for it. Protecting the website with an SSL certificate was good enough in the pas. They also took a snapshot of the network and blocked all its ip addresses for the day of the anniversary. Jacob showed a graph that showed us what suppression looked like. As a reaction users where able to still get on the Tor network via bridge which you could get via email, or that is kept private. There is quite a bit of censorship going on in the Western world, this is not something exclusively for evil regimes. If you want to help the Tor project go to and download and install the software.


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