Cosmic Bubble

I can't find you.

Hello world. I need your help. Because I can't find you.   Oh and who are you? You are my new colleague. A specific one I have to admit.   I’ll explain what I think you look like but first a quick word about us. Schuberg Philis. 15 years young. You might know us as the company that introduced 100% functional availability for business critical applications in the IT outsourcing arena. Quite successful I might say. With a very specific organizational setup... read more >

Welcome Mission Critical Cloud

It's time for a change. After years of satisfaction with the CloudStack community, we have today reached a point that our vision of the future is essentially different from some of our partners. We as a company need to increase speed, improve release cycles and encourage change in the cloud orchestration software. After almost a year of deliberation, Schuberg Philis has reached the decision to fork CloudStack and start in a new direction: Mission Critical Cloud all the way. read more >

Wrap-up from the Amsterdam Software Circus
Last week I attended the Software Circus, a 2 day conference in Amsterdam about devops, microservices and Docker (    It was clear that the buzzwords of the conference were docker and microservices. There were various vendors which presented tooling around Docker, a number of talks about Docker security. Micro services was mentioned in almost every presentation. But it is clear that micro services only make sense in a devops organisation.... read more >

Workshop: hands-on CloudStack at DevOpsDays Amsterdam

DevOpsDays Amsterdam CloudStack workshop
Recently I hosted a CloudStack hands-on workshop at DevOpsDays Amsterdam, together with my colleague Fred Neubauer. It was really awesome to see all attendees building their own CloudStack cloud. And succeeding! The slides and instructions can be downloaded from SlideShare. We proposed the workshop to the CloudStack Collaboration Conference Europe, in Dublin next October so we might do it again! Fred in action Remi in action &nbsp... read more >

GPG on Keybase

Schuberg Philis published our GPG key for on Keybase!

One major problem with GPG is publishing your key in a trustworthy and verifiable manner. is directory of people and GPG keys, much like a phonebook. This is similar to standard GPG key directory servers.

The difference with keybase however, is that an entity can publish their public key, but also cryptographically link or prove certain web identities to that key, such as DNS, Twitter, Github, Reddit, etc.

Another added benefit of keybase is, that users who want to encrypt confidential text to us, but do not have GPG installed, can use:

Simply enter your message, hit 'Encrypt', and copy paste the encrypted output in an email to

Please be aware that we cannot encrypt replies unless we have your public key.

Happy Encrypting!