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23.10 20100

Damian Conway’s Quantum::Superpositions talk

All things considered, Damians Conway’s talk is Yet Another Perl6 Promotion (YAPP), but a damn fun one.  Highlighting some very funky new features that Perl 6 makes happen, in constant time. Theoretically.

Conway is one of the best speakers I’ve seen so far. His talks have speed, passion, a big dose of absurd humor and loads of geek references. If you have the chance to attend one of his talks: go see him, you won’t be disappointed, promise.

The talks starts with a lighthearted refresh of the history of quantum mechanics, unexpected revelations about Bohrs activities in modeling and winter sports and so on.
When the audience is under his spell Conway dives a bit deeper and shows many examples of Perl 6′s more natural syntax, and possible uses of superpositions. Showing how superpositions -called Junctions in Perl 6, are not just reserved for mad scientists. Junctions might be damn useful for programmers; replacing contrived nested for loops with elegant code generating prime’s, testing list membership, doing string comparison, all the while letting Perl take care of parallelization automagically, in constant time. Theoretically.  

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